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CodyP2000: vvv
DrMintyFresh: vv
Zatti: lol v
mastersword115: This is so sad! we need to get more people on here!
Maxy: Same
DrMintyFresh: of course man. take it easy. I'll be antisipating your return
LeBronJames: thank you all exspecially minty
LeBronJames: this is LeBronJames saying goodbye
LeBronJames: well i must tell you guys that im having some things going on in my family and i must find myself its been really fun on here but sadly im leaving dont delete my acount but i will not be back for awhi
mastersword115: what time are ya'll on?
ShroudIsDaGoat: hello fellow citizens of home4dsichat im back....(after a years vacation)...(not realy)
LeBronJames: whats that minty
DrMintyFresh: bot spam, fam
LeBronJames: jeez cody
LeBronJames: what did i do
XDroneZ79X: Hello and welcome to our club
ValentinD: Hello..
XDroneZ79X: What will fire extinguishers do?
DrMintyFresh: good thing we have plenty of fire extinguishers
NicozWorld: Sup bros! So long! This site is dying in front of our eyes...
XDroneZ79X: Just barely, but still alive.
XDroneZ79X: The site is still alive.
tdawg1230: RIP 2011-2014
tdawg1230: met so many Great people here.
tdawg1230: I miss this site
tdawg1230: hello
StarScarf: Yo
DrMintyFresh: sigh
mastersword115: yo.
CodyP2000: I told you about that
CodyP2000: LeBronJames has been banned. (2)
DrakeJeribot: Damn, that sucks. -LeBronJames
LeBronJames: No. -DrakeJeribot
DrakeJeribot: Get out, LeBronJames. Now.
LeBronJames: You Mean. -DrakeJeribot
DrakeJeribot: Give me a reason to care. -LeBronJames
LeBronJames: Hru. -DrakeJeribot
DrakeJeribot: Ok. -LeBronJames
LeBronJames: Ok. -DrakeJeribot
DrakeJeribot: Damn, that sucks. -LeBronJames
LeBronJames: What. -DrakeJeribot
DrakeJeribot: I know, LeBronJames, I know.
LeBronJames: Hey. -DrakeJeribot
LeBronJames: damn school tests uh cant wait to get out of here
DrMintyFresh: huehue
mastersword115: Don't got much better.
mastersword115: keep it alive!
XDroneZ79X: That shit is scary
XDroneZ79X: Don't take out a vacuum motor and turn it on while you're holding it
LeBronJames: true minty very true thats wat more thanplaza
XDroneZ79X: Everything must end one way or another
DrMintyFresh: we still get new accounts everyday for some reason lol
DrMintyFresh: but It won't end
XDroneZ79X: It's like a terminally ill patient on life support. It's living. Just barely clinging to life and waiting for its inevitable end.
LeBronJames: yes it does some of us keep it alive
wernergmbh: wait w0t, this chat does still exist?
LeBronJames: he needs some milk with them cookies
ShroudIsDaGoat: solution.. keep dsi on but close top and throw on charger when needed
ShroudIsDaGoat: im tired of having to keep logging in on here
ShroudIsDaGoat: we dont we start a big group on kik or sumthin
ShroudIsDaGoat: wtf is goin on here
XDroneZ79X: I've munched on many cookies back in my day. If you know what I'm saying.
DrMintyFresh: cookie munch
XDroneZ79X: Okay then, Chlamydia Mouse
Maxy: Cunt monkey?
LeBronJames: whatever i say ok you cunt monkey
DrMintyFresh: hello
StarScarf: Yo
mastersword115: hi
mastersword115: yo!
mastersword115: hi
mastersword115: hi
XDroneZ79X: Whatever you say, Crazy Man.
LeBronJames: you dont no anything yet
LeBronJames: hey ive been here konger than u 2 combined trust me i know my shit
XDroneZ79X: Don't listen to LeBron. He's delusional.
XDroneZ79X: No. It's Crazed Midget. What the fuck is a Creepy Migraine?
ShroudIsDaGoat: Crazed Midget? i thougt it was Creepy Migraine
LeBronJames: really x drone get yo shit together
LeBronJames: no its not!!! my god u need help
XDroneZ79X: It just makes too much sense
XDroneZ79X: Naw. I am SURE that it's Crazed Midget
LeBronJames: my god
LeBronJames: Its community manager seiriosly well it would make sense that u dont know what it means
XDroneZ79X: It's for Crazed Midget
XDroneZ79X: Don't be stupid
ShroudIsDaGoat: @LeBronJames
ShroudIsDaGoat: oh or maybe Candycorn Montage...lol
ShroudIsDaGoat: lemme guess...Crackers and Mayo
ShroudIsDaGoat: oooooohhh i know what it means........
ShroudIsDaGoat: true but wats cm?..Candy man? lol
DrMintyFresh: sound cool :p
XDroneZ79X: Sounds like a drug
XDroneZ79X: What is an Arxoric?
DrMintyFresh: there you good my dude
AlertBot: BendyATIM has been named to Arxotic.
LeBronJames: dude he should be hes been here forever and hes on here all the time more active than anybody
ShroudIsDaGoat: lmao minty for cm?
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