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Emberwolf: Daar los ful rinik tiiraaz
Saiyan1: poopy
Saiyan1: poop
XDroneZ79X: Whose mom?
StarScarf: Your mom ais
TheCoder55: No one's here...
lordmi: Do you know if people still come here on the daily? Just thought to use it again today and it seemed very dead
lordmi: lmao about a min later apparently
StarScarf: Yo
lordmi: 11/15/18 Wonder when the next post will be
LeBronJames: fuc that
LeBronJames: Hey -DrakeJeribot
LeBronJames: hey -DrakeJeribot
LeBronJames: minty check ur email
CcPanda45: sup
DrMintyFresh: people don't come at the same time
StarScarf: Wtf. Why is it always ded
Paul: god
Doonker: DAMNIT
chorofapisky: hi? :v
chorofapisky: lol what?
Nic: yeetimus
ShadowSaiyanGod: How y'all fuckers doing
ShadowSaiyanGod: Holy fuck I've been doing other shit and forgot this existed
chorofapisky: what´s up?
xXShadowXx: Damn..
AlexisOates3: how is you fuckers
AlexisOates3: hello peeps
DrMintyFresh: v
CodyP2000: english please
banjo2: huh
chorofapisky: xd y yo aqui hablando sola
chorofapisky: lol se
CRIULISES: Wey este chat ya se murio :'v
chorofapisky: :v
chorofapisky: wow este es el chat mas solitario .o.
chorofapisky: hhhhhhooooollllllllllllaaaaa
chorofapisky: hola.
banjo2: woa tnl2020
DrMintyFresh: quite possibly
CodyP2000: gayest shit i've ever seen
XDroneZ79X: Eh. I'm decent
TNL2020: Hi roneZ79X!!! how are you?
XDroneZ79X: Who's ready for razor blades in their candy tomorrow??!?
penkick: add me on snapchat... my user is keiganneug also fore some lit memes follow yeeting_on_dem_memes on insta
banjo2: Wow, is just it me, or is this slowwwww on DSi?
banjo2: huh
CodyP2000: stop spamming
lillyypod: hifuck
bethlovescats10: :mario
bethlovescats10: cmario
bethlovescats10: pm me if you like halloween
bethlovescats10: lol
cooperrw: funky fresh beats
DrMintyFresh: sigh
NicozWorld: Yo. its ixplode!
CodyP2000: Look who I missed.
Cheerio: Buuuut I was here~ 😙
Cheerio: This place is d e a d
Cheerio: Holy shit lmao
Gina4573: alright then see ya
Blu3Toad64 leaves
Blu3Toad64: Stop talking
Gina4573: God is my kink
Blu3Toad64: I’m not religious
Gina4573: The messiah of this site is DrakeJericho.
Gina4573: The messiah of this site is DrakeJericho.
Gina4573: singing is for sinners
Blu3Toad64: This is a free website
Blu3Toad64: I can sing if I want to
Gina4573: no singing allowed
Blu3Toad64: when they come for you
Blu3Toad64: What she gonna do
Gina4573: who are you
Gina4573: ew
cooperrw: namely, burning them at the stake whilst preaching the holy gnoccspel of the flying spaghetti monster
cooperrw: objectifying them as your property is extremely crucial to me, as it legally allows me to do whatever i want with them
cooperrw: i only approve of catgirls because you can objectify them
TNL2020: Hello all u awsome admins!!!!
CodyP2000: Hi quit spamming the chat please
lillyypod: bye
lillyypod: hi?
lillyypod: :cmds
lillyypod: im a girl
lillyypod: hi
lillyypod: hi im new
DrMintyFresh: v
CodyP2000: Speak English please
cooperrw: Speech 100
StarScarf: Engli plz
StarScarf: Oh?
caca: Quien ya jugo el Mario Odyssey?
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